I Got The Pow-ah!

It’s a sad feeling, indeed, to be in the middle of a great HipstaShoot and BOOM, there it is...a low battery warning. Do you take on an air of bravado, and casually dismiss it (being the renegade Hipstographer that you are)? Or, are you like me and take heed of the danger, danger sign for fear that you won’t be able to record all those special moments that lay before you?

My husband helped me grapple with this issue through a series of helpful suggestions that ran the gamut from solar panels on a pith helmet, to an extra-long extension cord (which would also act as a handy retrieval aid he could use to reel me in when I get lost in the HipstaZone). Ultimately, he did come up with a viable solution for me: extra iPhone batteries of various and sundry ilk...and plenty of ‘em!

I have now collected a total of
seven different types of extra batteries/chargers, and like children, they are each special to me in
different ways. Therefore, I thought I would tell you about them in the
hopes the information might help you, too. All my chargers, as well as the chargers for said chargers make for quite the impressive power array, yet all fit nicely into a generic GPS case I picked
up for about $6. Since portability is important, this case serves my needs quite nicely, and comes complete with a carabiner so I can hook it onto myself and look like even more of a geek than I am.

Now, for the life-transforming information you’ve been waiting for. Here’s what I have, and my opinion of each:

Griffin PowerDuo Reserve (Quantity: 4)
Griffin says: The industry’s most trusted AC and 12 volt chargers; PowerBlock is EnergyStar Qualified to use less energy, save money, and help protect the environment; Charges iPhone, iPod, MP3 players, other USB-chargeable devices; Removable backup battery provides hours of additional use for iPhone and iPod. The HipstaChick says: This is my favorite power solution! What I like most about it is that it fits nice and securely to the iPhone when it’s in my case. It comes with both home and car chargers and, whether you are mobile or at home, you can charge the battery and your iPhone simultaneously. I can get at least 45 minutes of shoot time with this unit (and that’s on a drained iPhone battery and while continuing to use Hipstamatic). Does not interfere with shooting! MSRP $49.99*

Kensington Mini Battery Pack and Charger for iPhone and iPod (Quantity: 2)
Kensington says:
Power and charge your iPhone or iPod; Extends play time up to 15 hours of music*; 4 hours of video*; 3 hours of talk; Includes retractable USB charging cable to recharge battery pack; High-capacity, rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery pack for increased energy efficiency; Small enough to keep connected to your iPhone or iPod; LED battery meter displays remaining power level. The HipstaChick says: This battery is good, but is better if you can just plug it in and not shoot for a while, mainly because it seems a little wobbly when connected to the iPhone, and it can’t be used with most cases. I love it when I’m out and can take off my case and let it dump its bounty of power into my iPhone, but it does interfere with shooting since the plug-in fit doesn’t seem real secure. This does not come with a charger, but it does come with a retractable cord to connect to the charger that came with your iPhone. MSRP $39.99*

Griffin TuneJuice Battery Charger (Quantity: 1)
Griffin says: Charges USB devices through standard Type A USB port, Charges iPhone or dock connector iPod models with included cable; Uses 3 AA batteries (included); Delivers 5 watts (1 amp @ 5 volts),Up to 24 more hours of music, 6 hours of video, 2 hours of talk time;1.5 hours of web access. The HipstaChick says: The feature I like most about this one, is that it runs off of AA batteries, and in the event that I drain all my other options, I’m away from home, and I’ve been locked out of the car, odds are good that I could make it to someplace that sells AA batteries. I must confess, however, that this is one I have not field-tested because fortunately I have not found myself in any of the situations just described. This one is pegged for EUO (Emergency Use Only), but I can tell you, I somehow just sleep better at night knowing I have it. MSRP $39.99*
*Shop wisely at your local retailers. You can often find these items on sale.