Adventures In Hipstaland: Jennifer's Bristol

BRISTOL, TN/VA - Zimbabwe. Venice. Toronto. Hong Kong. Bristol. At first blush, these locations may not seem in any way connected. However, the recent surge in popularity of an iPhone app called Hipstamatic has brought these locales together in a global photography project, Adventures in Hipstaland.

The most recent installation to the project will be “Jennifer’s Bristol,” a snapshot of life in the twin cities by Bristol photographer, Jennifer Molley Wilson. Bristol will be the first U.S. city featured.

Hipstamatic is a popular iPhone application that replicates a retro plastic camera. Hipstamatic is characterized by vignettes, blurring, over saturation, discolored images, and Hipstaprints have a casual, and seemingly fortuitous, snapshot feel.

Wilson has used Hipstamatic exclusively in the production of her personal art, since being introduced to the app in August 2010.

“Through the selective pairing of both virtual lenses and film, I remain in complete creative control of the image I shoot, and the mood I choose to convey,” Wilson said. “And I find the square format a creative challenge for composition,” she added. Wilson’s photographs are neither edited nor manipulated in post processing.

Wilson’s Hipstamatic photos caught the attention of the creators of the app, who extended the invitation to participate in their adventures.

“Adventures in Hipstaland is a nine image ‘story’ that we are asking a very select group from our community to be a part of. It’s a way of documenting the world one personal image story at a time,” said Mario Estrada, Community Director for Hipstamatic. "Adventures in HipstaLand is a journey around the globe, with our adventurers documenting the world through their favorite Hipstamatic lenses,” Estrada added.

Wilson, who is the Director of Communications for the Bristol Chamber of Commerce/Bristol Convention & Visitors Bureau, perhaps has an inside track when it comes to photographing Bristol, but that didn’t make the task any easier.

“How best to tell the story of Bristol in nine images? It is such a unique location, by virtue of its duality, heritage and resources,” she said. “I think the images I chose are true to my artistic vision, yet will leave those outside of the area intrigued about what remains to be seen in our cities.”

Over the course of three days beginning November 30, “Jennifer’s Bristol” will be shared on Hipstamatic’s Facebook page, which has nearly 30,000 fans. Wilson will also post three additional galleries from the Bristol series on her Facebook page, The HipstaChick, to run concurrently with Adventures in Hipstaland.

Hipstamatic, marking its one-year anniversary in December, is currently the number one iPhone Photography App, and ranks number thirty overall out of the 300,000 apps currently available in the App store. Mobile future, sponsor of the Mashable Awards’ Best Mobile App Category, recently chose Hipstamatic as one of the “Three Magnificent Mobile Apps That Ruled 2010.” The Hipstamatic can be downloaded to any iPhone running OS 3.1 or beyond. Additional lenses, film, and flash options can be added within the app.

Selections from Wilson’s Hipstamatic galleries can also be seen locally at the 606 State Street Gallery in historic downtown Bristol.