Artist's Statement:
I am fascinated by the precision born from randomness. The objects that gather in some forgotten corner. The fading facade of a forlorn past. These are the images I am compelled to preserve, drawn more to the components that comprise an experience, than the experience, itself.

All elements are photographed just as they are found. It goes against my artistic message to rearrange objects that have already been posed by serendipity.

I use: Apple iPhone 3GS; Hipstamatic 185 iPhone Camera App

Hipstamatic is a camera app that allows the iPhone to mimic the plastic lensed, toy cameras popularized by the lomography art movement (i.e. Diana, Holga, etc.) Through the selective pairing of both virtual lenses and film, I remain in complete creative control of the image I shoot, and the mood I choose to convey.

Photographs are neither edited nor manipulated in post processing.

All photos are printed with a silver-halide process, and printed on archival quality Fuji Crystal photo paper. They are installed in an archival, acid-free 4-ply black core mat using archival, acid-free photo corners. The mat and the back of the print, are signed by the artist. All prints are framed and ready for installation.

I am a native of Harlan, Kentucky, and grew up in Kingsport, Tennessee. I attended California State University at Hayward, majoring in Mass Communications with minors in advertising and photography.

I currently reside in Bristol, among the beautiful mountains of Northeast Tennessee, where my photography exploits frequently garner curious stares, polite conversation and the attention of the local authorities.

About Hipstamatic:
Hipstamatic is a popular iPhone application that converts the iPhone into a retro plastic camera. Hipstamatic is Characterized by vignettes, blurring, over saturation, discolored images, Hipstaprints have a casual and seemingly accidental snapshot feel. The Hipstamatic can be downloaded to any iPhone sporting the 3.1 or beyond software update. For $1.99 you can download the base model Hipstamatic 180 which includes the John S and Jimmy Lenses, as well as Ina’s 1969 and Kodot Verichrome film and a standard flash option complete with humming sound. Additional lenses, film, and flash options can be added on within the app and start at 99 cents.
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